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What To Expect

  • What is a Home Inspection in North Carolina?
    A home inspection in the state of North Carolina is defined as a written evaluation, based on observation or noninvasive testing, of two or more components of a residential building.
  • What is Inspected?
    North Carolina Home Inspectors must inspect the structure, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, interior, insulation and ventilation, and built in kitchen appliances of a residential home.
  • What About the Report?
    A written report will be provided to the client to include a summary page up front highlighting all safety concerns and functional defects. At H Minus, you will have a fully automated Inspection Portal where you can access your report 24/7 and download for future use.
  • What are the costs associated with a home inspection?
    Residential Home Inspection - Priced by square footage 2200 sq. ft. or less is $375 2201 sq. ft. to 4000 sq. ft. is $450 4001 sq. ft. or more is $525 Reinspection $195 up to 10 defects $10 ea. additional Pre Drywall / 11 Month Inspection $225, when purchased in conjunction with a pre-sale inspection
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